Swirling your whiskey?


My extensive knowledge of whiskeys has never led me to swirl the whiskey, I usually order it and drink it, that’s it, no science to it.  But there’s something to be said about swirling very expensive whiskeys and getting your moneys worth.  Sure, you usually order a beer and powers when you’re at the L&L Tavern, but if you’re out to dinner with your soon to be father-in-law, you may want to impress him by ordering an expensive whiskey, swirling it and telling him how delightful and aromatic it is.

Is there a science to swirling?  Probably.  Luckily for us, The Whiskey Wash breaks it down.

Read their “Is Swirling Whiskey Really Necessary” article and you can get the reasons to do it, and the reasons to not do it.

We over here would just drink it, but you can impress daddy-o by trying to look civilized every now and then…

~Duel Drinkware



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