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Reading A Whiskey Label

Looking for new whiskeys or bourbon can sometimes leave your brain fried.  The process doesn’t need to be something you have to study or a cheat sheet to walk the aisles of your favorite liquor store.  Have you ever seen terms that you’re not too familiar with like: NCF or Bonded?  What are we supposed to make of all this stuff? Luckily for us, one of our favorite sites broke down the entire label process. is a website with expert liquor recommendations. They have a solid rating system and one that we go to for information.  Great liquor recommendations and great education.  Written by Stephanie Moreno the article serves as a simple, yet great insight into the whiskey label process.

We may like to drink whiskey, but that doesn’t mean we know everything about the process.

Check out the blog post entitled: HOW TO READ A WHISKEY LABEL

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