Thanksgiving Prep

You’re a week out from Thanksgiving and  you’re ready to start planning the meal, but what are you going to drink?

Here at Duel we like to plan ahead and come up with a list of items that are necessary for a successful Thanksgiving.

Get the right Beer.  Thanksgiving means football.  Football means beer.  Some beers we recommend are those that you can find, but also ones that have a great taste.  We recommend Delirium Tremens.


Why Rum?  Because Rum is smooth and it’s a perfect pairing with the thanksgiving meal. You can drink rum straight, on ice, with a little soda, rum and coke, many different variations to make sure the drink you enjoy is the one everyone wants. Rum we recommend is fine Guatemalan Rum – Ron Zacapa Centenario 23 Rum.


Now you have the beer, you have the rum, you’re set for the dinner.  But what are you going to do after that large meal?  We recommend amaro. Get yourself a bottle of Amaro and use it as your after dinner desert.

We recommend Averna Amaro.


So there you have it.  Enjoy this thanksgiving and remember to Drink Honorably!

~Duel Drinkware


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