Duel Available at Bourbon & Boots

Bourbon & Boots

Duel is featured on Bourbon & Boots’ website for our stemless mango wood cup and our mango wood shot cup!  You can purchase our items, along with many many cool items via their website at: www.bourbonandboots.com.  So go online, purchase yours today and support Duel and Broubon & Boots!

If you’re not familiar with Bourbon & Boots, they’re known as the “Sharper Image of the South”.  Their take is to passionately export their uniquely southern lifestyle through content and commerce to southern friends, expatriates, and admirers.

Here at Duel, we’re big fans and are very happy to be included on their site!

Here are the direct links so you can purchase our unique products:
Mango Wood Stemless Cup – $36.00 (Set of two)

Mango Wood Shot Cup – $24.00 (Set of two)

Check out the images they took of our product:

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