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The Drink Smoker You Never Knew You Wanted


There’s a new trend in barware and it’s all about the home user making great quality drinks or perhaps, experiment a little more than normal on their home drinks.

What will you need to accomplish this?
1. Liquor – Check, we know you got this part.
2. Great Bar Gear – Not really necessary but impressive if it looks nice (I.e. glasses / mixers / shakers / etc).
3. A smoker?  Damn right you need a smoker!

 The Cocktail Smoking Box is the impressive piece that will have all your guests thinking you have revolutionized drinking.  Don’t get me wrong, the smoker doesn’t replace having good quality liquor, but it’s just a very cool thing to have at your house. When serving drinks at home remember, the drink owes as much to the presentation as it does to the flavor and the smoker is a great way to just smoke ’em all!

The smoker is part of a new barware line called Crafthouse by Fortessa.  The line, is a collaboration from premium tableware makers Fortessa and Chicago native Charles Joly. (Joly is an honorable barman who’s won basically every bartending award imaginable).

Check out the video below from Joly smoking a one of our favorites Basil Hayden.

Rye In Your Britches
Courtesy of Charles Joly


2 oz American Rye Whiskey
¾ oz Cherry Heering
1 Dash Aromatic Bitters
2 oz Milk Stout, Beer
Pinch of Nutmeg

Combine American rye whiskey, cherry heering and bitters into a mixing glass. Add ice and stir. Gently pour in milk stout (a basic stout will work). Stir lightly and strain into an old fashioned glass with ice. Scrape nutmeg over the top. Smoke with Cedar/cigar aroma.

Crafthouse by Fortessa is now available online now.

~Duel Drinkware

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DUEL DRINKWARE INC. is a design house for drinkware and drink accessories. We offer design for printing on all types of glassware, custom shaped design and unique products.

We are DUEL DRINKWARE and our existence is based on trying to find the right glass, the right style, and the right attitude to make sure when you duel, you look beautiful. We say to you: Cheers and Drink Honorably.

~Duel Drinkware

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