Let Pappy Van Winkle Light Up Your Life

Pappy Van Winkle Table Lamp

Bourbon & Boots, the website catering to all things bourbon and southern, where they pride themselves as “The Sharper Image of the South”, has announced some very cool looking table lamps.  Made out of recycled bottles of Pappy, Bulleit, Makers, Woodford, Jack, Balvenie, and Basil Hayden, these lamps are beautiful and so so cool!


Here’s part of the description for the Pappy Lamp:

This amazing lamp is the convergence of chic industrial style melded with the organic sensibility of up-cycling, and the pleasant memories of sipping with friends on this cult small batch bourbon.

Untraditional in design, the lamp is actually contained inside of the Bourbon Bottle providing a unique design and illumination of the bottle label.

Handmade with a recycled Pappy Van Winkle 15 Year bourbon bottle, reclaimed wood block, twisted cloth covered wire, in line switch and retro plug, this lamp has been handcrafted into an elegant and purposeful free standing light fixture.

In other words, the lamps look great and seem to have this old world/retro look to them that make great decoration for a home bar, office, or pretty much anywhere you need light!

As Bourbon & Boots say on their advertisement: “LET PAPPY VAN WINKLE Light up your life.

Visit Bourbon&Boots.com to purchase your lamp (you can get 15% off if you sign up for their newsletter).  Prices range from $150 – $250.

Check out the images below:


~Duel Drinkware

All images from Bourbon&boots.com


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