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An Honorable Guide To Tequila

Cinco de Mayo has come and gone and we realized something about ourselves:  DUEL Loves Tequila!  So we reached out to our good friend, and seasoned tequila drinker, Mr. Lance for his ideas on which tequilas would make our Honorable List.  Below is the email Lance sent to us to break down for us types of tequilas, ones he’s tried and the ones he’s hoping to try very soon.
———————————————————-Friday, May 7, 2016

Tequila for days…

Hopes this helps you on your Tequila Adventure. 

Let’s start with types of Tequilas:
BLANCO – Pure tequila not aged – spicy, pure agave taste.
REPOSADO – Aged for 2-12 months – subtle spice, agave taste, favor from barrels start to mingle.
ANEJO – Aged for 12 or more months – very smooth agave taste with favors from barrel mingle.
EXTRA ANEJO – Aged 1-5 years – Crazy smooth!  Many notes from barrels and agave.

Tequila can be aged in old white oak barrels that held whiskey, cognac and brandy.  They can also be placed in new barrels which can result in some very interesting notes the longer the tequila is aged.

Below (*) are recommendations I have had and liked alot. The second group are other good tequilas I haven’t had yet.   Learn the NOM and you can find all the tequilas that a certain distillery actually makes.  NOM is the number associated with all distilleries in Mexico.  A great way to find some very rare batches of tequila.

(*) Fortaleza – Reposado & Anejo – Excellent sipping tequila.
(*) Raizul – Anejo – Excellent sipping tequila
(*) Azul Blue Tequila – Reposado, Anejo, Extra Anejo – Excellent sipping tequila and top shelf mixed drinks.
(*) Partida – Reposado & Anejo – Sipping tequila and top shelf mixed drinks
(*) Chinaco – Reposado – Sipping and top shelf mixed drinks
(*) Casa Noble – Blanco, Reposado, Anejo – Sipping and mixed drinks
(*) Cazadores – Reposado – Mixers
(*) Aha Toro – Reposado, Anejo – Mixers and sipping
(*) Herradura – Reposado, Anejo – Mixers and Sipping
(*) El Espolon – Silver – This is great for mixers and shots and cheap.  Really good!

El Tesoro
Siete Leguas (7 leguas) – Original Patron before it was sold off
Tequila Regional
Siembra Azul
Aha Toro Yeto Tequila
1146 Tequila Anejo Seleccion
1414 Tequila Seleccion
1414 Tequila Gran Dovejo Reposado

Enjoy the adventure.  It’s like whiskey, so many options.  This is just a small list to start you off.

Mr. Lance
Badass Art Director

——————————-End Message———————————

~Duel Drinkware








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