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Whiskey Experts Review Cheap Whiskey

Here at Duel we drink all types of whiskey, cheap stuff, medium priced stuff, and if you give us a Christmas present, the expensive stuff.  We like to try new things, but these reviewers are hilarious!

~Sweaty Shoes and butterscotch, with a hint of sweaty saddle leather.

~Drink Honorably



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DUEL DRINKWARE INC. is a design house for drinkware and drink accessories. We offer design for printing on all types of glassware, custom shaped design and unique products.

We are DUEL DRINKWARE and our existence is based on trying to find the right glass, the right style, and the right attitude to make sure when you duel, you look beautiful. We say to you: Cheers and Drink Honorably.

~Duel Drinkware

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