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We are very excited to announce our first collaboration with Scott Fricke. Scott Fricke is a bad ass artist creating custom art, tattoos, album covers (Check out the covers he did for Indian at and much more.  Visit our store and get yours today!

We sat down with Mr. Fricke and asked him a few questions about Chicago, art, and drinking. 

When and how did you start creating art?
SF: I’ve been making art as long as I can remember. My family saw my interest in art, so they encouraged me.

When did you do your first tattoo?
SF: I did my first tattoo with a tattoo machine in 1993. It was a butterfly and the letter B. Before that I did hand poked tattoos on myself and friends (around 1989).

If you were given a chance to give a tattoo to anyone who would it be?
SF: I really like actor Bill Murray. I’ve been asked about what actor would I like to drink with, I guess my answer would be the same, Bill Murray.

What do you like better Beer or Whiskey or something else?
SF: If I had to choose one over the other, I’d go with Whiskey. Specifically, single malt scotch. More specifically islay single malt scotch.

What’s your favorite brand?
SF: Ardbeg.

What’s your favorite bar in Chicago?
SF: That’s a tough one. I don’t go to a lot of bars these days. Beat Kitchen is a good one, good shows, great food.

What do you look for in a bartender?
SF: I think if a bartender is taking care of everyone equally, they’re doing a good job. If they’re friendly, that’s just a bonus.

What’s one thing about Chicago that you would like to keep secret and vice versa, what’s one thing about Chicago you’d like the world to know?
SF: The world should know, Chicago is the best city around.

Where’s your studio and how can anyone find you?
I’m tattooing at the very best custom tattoo studio in Chicago, Speakeasy Custom Tattoo. For booking, my email is:

~Duel Drinkware


Duel Designs

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DUEL DRINKWARE INC. is a design house for drinkware and drink accessories. We offer design for printing on all types of glassware, custom shaped design and unique products.

We are DUEL DRINKWARE and our existence is based on trying to find the right glass, the right style, and the right attitude to make sure when you duel, you look beautiful. We say to you: Cheers and Drink Honorably.

~Duel Drinkware

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