Drake Releases New Whiskey

Following the release of Views, which saw a million sales in under a week, Drake announces his new line of Whiskey named Virginia Black.

Currently, the whiskey is a surprise from the guy that goes by Champagne Papi, which makes this release a little out of the norm, but here at Duel, we’re willing to give it a shot! Our theory is that this is a private label whiskey that will probably taste like a more well known whiskey (i.e. Knob Creek / Jack Daniels / etc), but they’re promoting this as a “Decadent American Whiskey”.  No word on retail cost yet, availability, but we’ve reached out to the email on Virginia Black’s website for an interview/comment but still no word.  As soon as we do, we will keep you updated.

Things that we like on the release:

  1. The bottle has a great design, with classic lines and a gold medallion with the VB logo.
  2. The Bottle with the gold cap and gold emblem are great, but if this is the glass for it, look out!  If not, Duel volunteers to design one for it. drake-views-digital2.jpg
  3. The promo shots for the album include his whiskey. Pretty cool. drake-views-digital-booklet-7.jpg
  4. He’s starting to promote this…


After that legendary moment what else is there to do but celebrate with class. Virginia Black coming soon…

A photo posted by champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) on Feb 13, 2016 at 8:12pm PST

Check back here for up to date information. Check out the site: http://www.virginiablackwhiskey.com

~Duel Drinkware


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