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Binny’s To Offer Delivery Via Instacart

Binny’s Beverage Depot and Instacart have teamed up to make 2016 even better than you thought, they will now offer delivery.

The delivery option includes a selection of over 12,000 items including Beer, Wine, Liquor and Mixers.  Typical deliveries are under an hour for much of Chicago, so this will make those hosting events even more manageable.  With 31 stores in Illinois and these cold days still ahead of us, Binny’s online will become our homepage.  We wonder if they’ll deliver ice as well?

For a limited time they are offering free delivery on your first order and no hassle sign up through facebook.

Buy that whiskey here:


~Drink Honorably






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DUEL DRINKWARE INC. is a design house for drinkware and drink accessories. We offer design for printing on all types of glassware, custom shaped design and unique products.

We are DUEL DRINKWARE and our existence is based on trying to find the right glass, the right style, and the right attitude to make sure when you duel, you look beautiful. We say to you: Cheers and Drink Honorably.

~Duel Drinkware

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