Minnesota Fats: The Original Honorable Drinker

Minnesota Fats was the original Honorable Drinker. If you’re not familiar with the movie The Hustler, we recommend you take a few hours out of your week and watch it. A story of a pool hustler learning to find his way in life, ain’t it romantic? In the movie, there’s Fast Eddie vs. Minnesota Fats.

Both shoot straight pool for 25 hours. On the 25th hour we see Eddie has been drinking straight bourbon. He looks sloppy, drunk, and succumbing to the stress and pressure. Fats, on the other hand, looks as good as when they started.


We here equate this to all those drinking moments of our lives duels. How many times have we been Fast Eddie? Minnesota Fats is the hustler we all strive to be. That honorable drinker. Let’s drink everything, but at the end of the day look as good as when we walked in.

You look beautiful Fats! Like a baby, all pink and powdered up.


We are DUEL DRINKWARE and our existence is based on trying to find the right glass, the right style, and the right attitude to make sure when you duel, you’re Minnesota Fats and you look beautiful. We say to you: Cheers and Drink Honorably.

~Duel Drinkware

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