Jeni’s Malört-flavored Ice Cream

Malort-Ice Cream

Timeout Chicago recently had an article of the top 10 things to see this year and to our Surprise, there was this Gem to top it off – Malört Ice Cream!

Artisan ice cream chain Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream is introducing the first ever Malört-flavored ice cream! We’ve reached out to Jeni’s for more information on the Ice Cream, but the brand is available at Mariano’s and Whole Foods, along with 3 locations in Chicago: Jeni’s Southport, Jeni’s Wicker Park, and Jeni’s Armitage.

So will there be Malört-Ice Cream Faces?  Perhaps.  According to Timeout, the Malört flavor is to a “T” – “Straight up Malört”.

Looking forward to this one!


~Drink Honorably

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